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Who We Are

It’s only FIORE if it makes you feel even more beautiful when you wear it! – Eman Khan

FIORE was founded in 2022 by Eman Khan. She was passionate about creating a world-class store that offered everything women needed to beautifully accessorize their outfits. However, each piece had to pass her ‘personal wardrobe test’: that is, only something she would choose for herself or be happy to gift a dear friend.

 Colourful, stunning accessories and trendy apparel seek to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty and confidence. Asian style is a practical tribute to all things beautiful, with little significance placed on whether it is made of pure gold or simply gold-plated, or set with sparkling crystals instead of diamonds. In the same spirit, Eman committed that Fiore would offer both value and variety for style-loving women in Pakistan; elegant products priced right and for all occasions.

All the while staying true to the criteria established by its founder, Fiore has since grown to offer an incredibly vast and unmatched range of jewellery, handbags & clutch bags, sunglasses. Fiore is proud to have created the niche for affordable luxury in accessories in Pakistan and remains the leading brand, with no close alternative. Nowhere is this more evident than the amazing and unique range of premium quality fashion jewellery that Fiore offers. Our exquisitely designed jewellery is presented at a fraction of the price of similar beautifully finished jewellery otherwise available only at high end precious metal & gem jewellers. With such splendid variety to choose from, we make is easy for any woman to look her best.

Fiore presently operates branches in Karachi , Lahore, Islamabad and serves all of Pakistan through this website. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction because we sincerely believe we can’t grow without your loyalty. Our customers are our best brand ambassadors, and we love scouring the world to bring you the latest and best designs!

If you have any suggestions, feedback or complaints, we kindly request that you please do contact us at 03314888816 or email suppo[email protected] and give up the opportunity to improve further!

Fashion portrait of young beautiful woman with jewelry. Brunette girl. Perfect make-up.Beauty style woman with diamond accessories

Physically pure and light, mentally easy and simple.

Drawing inspiration from reality and fabricating the products carefully. We concern about the texture, the veins and the tactile experience of each product for creating unexpected surprises when it is close to the palm of each user.